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“We open the door for good trade relationships and new opportunities”

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The combination of internationalization and business development attracted Anthonia Adenaya Huard to Business Sweden. She started out as an associate in 2012 and is now working as a project manager at the organization’s Casablanca office.

Business Sweden is a global organization with over 50 offices worldwide, that helps Swedish companies enter foreign markets as well as bringing strategic investments to Sweden. As a project manager at the organization’s Casablanca office Anthonia Adenaya Huard manages projects majorly in North and West Africa but also across Middle East and Africa depending on sectorial competences, including in her home country Nigeria.

What do you do as a project manager at Business Sweden?
– I am charged with improving the organisation’s effectiveness through the comprehensive control of projects to ensure success. Hence, I manage projects in terms of resources, people, time and ensure quality – always in line with our clients’ wishes and goals. At the same time, I support, coach, guide and motivate our team members so that they are self-reliant and able to achieve their personal best, but most importantly facilitating their ability to function more effectively as members of a team.

”I love the intercultural dimensions.”

Tell us about a project that you have worked on!
– When I started at Business Sweden back in 2012, one of my first projects was with a Swedish ICT company that had developed a streaming service for local African music. I helped them map out Africa so that they could see which countries were most relevant for their service based on their leapfrogging in ICT and where their product would be accepted (early adopters’ population). Fast forward years later, the company is a success case with their own music streaming and radio station in Ghana, creating waves while still working on entering other countries. Very proud to be part of that!

What do you enjoy most about your job?
– I love the intercultural dimensions and that I get to work with colleagues from many different countries both here in Casablanca as well as when we collaborate with Business Sweden’s other offices around the world. It makes the job very dynamic and interesting as we maximise and capitalise on our diversities to increase competitive advantage and yield greater productivity. We are Global yet Local in our strategy (GloCal). There is never a dull moment or a typical day at work. Each day brings new tasks, challenges and opportunities for development! I also love that we are like a big family that encourages and supports each other.

What makes you proud of working at Business Sweden?
– By helping Swedish companies enter some of the most complicated markets in Africa and Middle East, we really get a chance to make a difference. We shorten their time to market, open the door for good trade relationships, introduce companies to new opportunities and help the companies find reliable partners to work with. Sometimes, to elevate these opportunities to a country/governmental level, we mobilize Swedish stakeholders to support these trade developments. It is a win-win situation since these countries need these products and innovations to develop (we match Swedish competences to needs in the targeted countries). I find it very fulfilling to be in the middle coordinating everything.

Text: Sara Schedin

Business Sweden

Business Sweden’s purpose is to help Swedish companies grow global sales and international companies invest and expand in Sweden. We offer our customers strategic advice and hands-on support. Business Sweden has offices with both Swedish and native consultants in nearly 50 of the world’s most interesting markets, and can therefore offer an international, flexible and interesting work environment. Business Sweden was founded on the first of January, 2013, by a merger of the Swedish Trade Council (Exportrådet) and Invest Sweden, and is owned by the Swedish Government and the industry, a partnership that provides access to contacts and networks at all levels.

Read more: www.business-sweden.se 

Anthonia Adenaya Huard

Title: Project Manager.

Education: Msc. (Hons) Strategy and Management in International Business, Essec Business School, Paris, France.

What is your favourite spot in Casablanca? “Le Crepuscule, a charming restaurant/café on the Boulevard de la Corniche. It’s calm, facing the ocean with a mix tourists, expats and locals. A regular spot for me since I have been in Morocco as I never get tired of lounging in my favourite corner be it in a sunny or cloudy weather, sipping the Moroccan menthe tea while staring into the spectacular scene of a calm or turbulent sea and pondering away or discussing. If you come there, our paths might cross!”

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